Running mindfully

So I’ve had my first session of my mindfulness course now. It’s about learning to be aware and in the ‘now’ – so often I am on autopilot and my mind is either in the future, worrying about things, or in the past, ruminating on them. The idea of the next 8 weeks is I learn a bit better how to control my attention, and pull it back to what I am doing, here and now,and experience it fully whether good or bad or neutral.

It was much harder work than I expected – I fell asleep during the session (frankly giving me a pillow, a mat, and a calm voice to listen to with nothing to physically do for 20 mins I’m not sure what else they were expecting). And I was exhausted after the session – I didn’t expect that.
But I will give it my best shot, because I can see how it may help. And if I can learn to control my attention and just think about one thing at a time, what an incredible gift that will be!
Except running. Somehow I have a feeling running a marathon is definitely going to be easier the further away my mind is from the miles I’m covering, the random aches which come and go and the tedium of step after step after step…
for more info on mindfulness, check out

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